Headshots for Actors & Professionals


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I do an email or phone consultation on wardrobe, hair, makeup and everything else you need to prepare for a successful headshot session. I am always available to answer you questions and give advice to help you get the shots that will get auditions and make your manager happy.

The Shoot

Providing a comfortable and fun environment makes getting the perfect shot easy for both experienced actors and beginners. I use a natural light studio setup for a majority of my headshots but also have studio lighting on hand and available. I will help clients put their looks together and find the right background for each outfit that will make you stand out from the crowd. No time limit, no pressure. If you need additional looks or want to mix in shots for your modeling portfolio we can make a custom package for you.

Post Shoot

The turn around on an average shoot is less than 72 hours. At that time you will receive an online gallery where you can easily view and share all your photos. You will also receive all the full res images on a disc or flash drive in the mail. I also retouch one image of your choice for free and offer my suggestions on which of your headshots stand out to me.

Headshot Packages

2 Looks - $300

3 Looks - $375

4 Looks - $450

5 Looks - $525

Youth Actors (Ages 12 and under)

2 Looks - $225

3 Looks - $300

Buddy Shoot

Book a shoot with a friend on the same day and both save $50.

1 Free Retouched Image

-additional retouching $25-45 per image

Hair/Makeup (optional)

-Kids $75

-Men $75

-Women $100-$150 depending on number of looks.

Email or call for additional information.


- 310-433-6399

- Instagram: weaver_headshots